NWA Actually Meant New World Attitude! How Women Are Enslaved in The West & How Sodomy Kills us.


Wise Warrior’s Path

Published on Jun 2, 2017
You can bet your big buck that we are living under some sort of tyranny in one way or another in our lives right now a poor and middle class. Apart from the brutal tax and bad media we have, there is something worse happening as a result of not being aware and being manipulated by the fraudulent systems. Example of some things we deal with are the slavery of gangs,the slavery of prostitution ran by substance abuse, and terrorist pimps that are helped out by our very own radical governments and investors. All this made easier by the influence of modern pornography, what our kids watch on TV, our radicalized and genocidal police and fake so-called “justice system”. Our cops protect the criminals badly influencing our kids, while our kids are arrested and tortured by them through their prison…

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