Media Reporter For “The Hill” Shames CNN On Tucker Carlson — Three CNN employees resigned — CNN accused of bias against the White House

Peace and Freedom


The Hill’s media reporter slammed CNN over their Russia coverage on Fox News Tuesday, saying CNN failed to learn from past mistakes.

Joe Concha discussed CNN’s reporting on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after the company had to correct two stories related to the the current investigation into Russia meddling during the presidential campaign.

“CNN got burned once they should have learned from it,” said Concha. “They got burned twice people resigned.”

The most recent story resulted in a full retraction and relied on a single anonymous source. Three CNN employees resigned in the aftermath, and the media giant issued a new series of rules and regulations for anyone covering Russia-related stories.

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Concha says part of the problem with CNN’s reporting is that their journalists are more concerned with their biases and bylines than with proper sourcing and corroboration.

“I don’t mind when you get it wrong, but the problem…

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