Deep Thoughts on a Rainy Walk

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Thoughts on a Walk, humor, philosophy, random thoughts, Modern PhilosopherMy business managers, who are not allowed to enter The House on the Hill because I’d never want the money side of things to corrupt the creative flow, are always after me to add new features to the blog, Modern Philosophers.

They say that in today’s fast paced world, readers need to have shiny, new things dangled in front of them constantly to keep their attention.

I just want them to shut up and leave me alone, so tonight I bring you a new feature:

Thoughts on a Walk

I thought it would be fun to share what goes on in my mind as I’m wandering around the neighborhood collecting steps for my fitness routine.  Walking obviously gets my heart pumping, but it also gets my creative juices flowing.

I never know what might pop into my head as I’m roaming the streets, so this is a great way to…

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