Spoilt Brats Go To Glasto, So Corbyn Fits Right In


pennine:Brilliant article,my appreciation to its author. It hits the nail on the head.

             Personally it’s a great pity i feel, what’s become of Glastonbury as I believe it used to be a spiritual place & a treasure in our Island nation’s folklore & legend. Legend (firm belief to some) of visits by  St Joseph of Arimathea Christ’s uncle& even bringing with him the infant Jesus/Yeshua (Inspiration of one of my favourite poems by William Blake “Jerusalem”) A wealthy business man, doing trade with the tin & copper mines in South-West England, it wouldn’t be all that improbable. It’s claimed that the first Christian church was founded at  Glastonbury by Joseph.

                 The mess left behind shows the  extent of  respect & fondness for this holy ground, many of its attendees really have(many of them doubtless pseudo-“Global Warming” environmentalists at that, i bet.) Mr Corbyn must have struck a…

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