Scotland’s CSA Inquiry: A few comments from the great unwashed


Well its been one hellava week for the CSA inquiry in Scotland, Professor Lamb quit here as did the Chairwoman here. Ms O’Brien, rightly, insisted on her resignation letter being published publicly here. But on top o all that, we were then subjected to PURE CLAP TRAP that gushed-oh so easily-from Swinney’s LYING cakeholehere.

It would appear the SNP wanted the inquiry to be just about as independent as they want Scotland to be…. 

I thought some of the comments left in online were VERY interesting!!

I have blogged a few of the comments below. (I particularly liked the 2nd one!!)

This is Scotland’s REAL reaction. I don’t think i’ve come across a single comment that backs up the SNP’s ridiculously pathetic excuse of an inquiry.

There are a lot more commentshere it’s well worth takin a look! (There was another article but the comment section has been removed.. Will add…

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