Poetry at Shubbak 2017: In Theatre, Song, Discussions, and Readings


The biennial Shubbak Festival is set to open July 1 at venues around London:

The festival — now coming up on its fourth edition — promises to include work by more than 150 artists, “originating from 14 Arab countries at over 80 events during 16 days.”

The fest is came in response to the 2011 (Arab Spring) protests and uprisings, and now bills itself as engaging “with the turbulent legacy of that period[.]” This engagement is certainly reflected in the focus of its programming. The literature strand, for its part, focuses on dystopias, queer writing, women “outside the Arab literary mainstream,” and writers working “against the grain.”

But there is also a leitmotif of poetry, with Malika Booker hosting a widely varied group of poets: Golan Haji, Mona Kareem, Dunya Mikhail, and al-Saddiq al-Raddi.

Also, opening July 5 is Tahadirected by Amir Nizar Zuabi and written by by Palestinian actor…

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