Krewella’s ‘Enjoy the Ride’ Video Raises Awareness of the Horrors of Human Trafficking

Family Court Injustice

Public Domain Image

A haunting video called ‘Enjoy the Ride’ released by Krewella, a band performing Electronic Dance Music, raises awareness about Human Trafficking by telling the story of two children (a boy and a girl) who have been sold into slavery.

The video, directed by K. Tanch, takes the viewer into the world of a steam-punk influenced carnival where a young girl has been labeled as a “brand new act”. The scene flickers to a little girl, shivering with her arms wrapped around her knees, sitting on a pile of flimsy hay while held captive in a metal cage.

Enjoy the Ride” exposes the horrors of child trafficking and human slavery… a worldwide problem that is often hidden in plain sight. Many victims of human trafficking do not receive help because people do not recognize the signs, or are reluctant to come forward. More public awareness is…

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