How Long Can This Litecoin Surge Last? 


Source: How Long Can This Litecoin Surge Last? | Breaking News — Crush The Street

By Joshua Enomoto

litecoin cover
While bitcoin and ethereum have soared to stunning record highs and have naturally grabbed most of the headlines, another sometimes ignored cryptocurrency asset is making its name known. In just the past 24 hours, litecoin has jumped $12.47, or nearly 37%. Since the morning of June 15, litecoin has profited an astounding 81%. Could litecoin now be the “new ethereum?”From the moment it first launched, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have largely regarded litecoin as a “poor man’s bitcoin.” When the king of the cryptocurrency markets was first enjoying its taste of mainstream success, litecoin was only trading for a few cents a pop. It seemed risky because it was. Although litecoin demonstrated potential in the past, it was also volatile, even compared to other cryptos.

To make matters worse, it was the considerably younger ethereum…

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