USA: Federal agents arrest Maryland man wanted for international child kidnapping

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Federal agents have arrested a Maryland man who was accused of international parental kidnapping, ending a six-year saga that drew the attention of the state’s top elected officials.

FBI and U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents arrested Faical Chebbi of Accokeek on Wednesday after he landed at Dulles International Airport, prosecutors said.

Chebbi, who made an initial appearance in court Thursday, was accused of taking his two children to Tunisia in 2011 after picking them up for a weekend visitation, despite agreeing in court that their mother would have custody.

The case highlighted the long-standing problem of international child abductions, where one parent takes a child to a country where custody orders issued in the U.S. are ignored. More than 1,000 such cases are reported to the State Department each year.

Chebbi has dual citizenship in the U.S. and Tunisia. Federal prosecutors said he faces a maximum penalty of three…

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