THE PEDO-FILE: The Clinton Foundation, Political Blackmail & ‘Pizzagate’


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“…It should be stated that illicit and arranged sexual encounters coupled with blackmail capability are, and have nearly always been, an essential function of backdoor politics”:

Clearing up the Half-Truths of “Pizzagate” & Political Blackmail

With many recent headlines suggesting upcoming warfare in Syria, research trends like the investigation that has become known as “Pizzagate,” are quickly falling by the wayside. The investigation currently rests heavily on speculation and circumstantial evidence. Yet, this speculation and circumstance has been cultivated from a certain thread of undeniable facts involving political sex blackmail at the highest levels. Which is why the only thing being asked for in regards to this case, is that an official investigation be conducted, and there is more than enough to justify such an investigation; Ben Swann came to a similar conclusion.

Yet, there are many threads within this…

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