Seth Rich murder hoax and who I think is behind it is pretty shocking #Pizzagate George Webb


Ghost X Channel

Published on Jun 13, 2017
After sifting through all of the bs and MSM lies, I’ve come to a very unexpected conclusion.…

Abandoned hospital:…

SOLVED!! Seth Rich Murder Conspiracy Hoax Coded 33 Goy Shit!!

Johnny Supertramp 3

Space Bunny (edited)
i’m so sick of the fake news.. i just saw an article after googling london bridge attack and they have a pink knife n bullshit names n bullshit article, it’s like a masturbatory childs joke, for us to solve, they derive a sick pleasure making us figure shit out.

julie cooper (edited)
One of the terrorists of London Bridge attack name was Khurrum Butt …Khurrum in Arabic means delightful, Happy…delightful Butt…Happy Butt…this was one reason I thought it was a hoax plus Police officers caught on camera dressing in same Camo trousers as terrorist shot dead.

The Seth Rich Murder Hoax–George Webb, Jason Goodman, Rod…

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