Question Time 15/6/17: Grenfell Tower lessons, Brexit u-turn, credible Corbyn and Tim Farron


I Am Incorrigible
Published on Jun 15, 2017

Jan TT211
“Not my research – just a copy and paste from a Spectator poster:
1 – the block of flats was run not by any council but by KCTMO. This body is made up of 8 TENANTS, 4 councillors and 3 independent members.
2 – Labour hold the seat that the block is situated in.
3 – Labour run the London Council who manage the under funded London Fire Service
4 – incidentally Emma Coad the sitting Labour MP for that ward also sat on the KCTMO.
5 – the advice to stay put which Sadiq Khan has been so vocal about was given by the London Fire Service.
6 – the decision to change contractors during the refurb was made by KCTMO.
7 – the decision not to spend a paltry £138k on fitting sprinklers again KCTMO.
8 – the…

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