Porthleven woman Leyna Tucker who died after falling from cliffs had spoken of sex abuse as a child


June 17, 2017

Brave Leyna Tucker who had a public battle with her past
A woman who died after falling from cliffs at Porthleven had bravely spoken of her ordeal as the victim of sex abuse as a child.
Leyna Tucker had waived her right to anonymity after seeing her step-father, Andrew Fulcher, put behind bars for the crimes he committed against her 30 years ago.
Her husband of 11 years, John Tucker, said that he was hugely proud of her actions, which she hoped would inspire other victims of vile abuse to come forward.
But he said the court case “took it out of her” and that the 47-year-old “couldn’t handle it in the end.”

Leyna and her husband John

“She made my life worth living,” John, 59, pictured above with Leyna, a former heating engineer told the Plymouth Herald.
“Everyone loved her, she was a popular…

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