Where are the rest of the victims 600 people lived in Grenfell Tower



Tom74 says:
This is a third-world disaster with a third-world cover-up.
Clearly, there was incompetence and corruption on a grand scale, which went far beyond the type of cladding used.
Horrifying that we have a government that allows this to happen and then tries to shield the people responsible, as well as trying to save their own, rotten political skins.

Aldous says:
A week in politics is a long time. Terry May should have remembered that.
How much she/he knew is anyone’s guess but I’m certain she’ll be the fall-guy while this epic tragedy unfolds and keeps Syria well and truly off the front pages. And Jesus wept?

I can’t help thinking that The West is about to learn the bitter lesson of history that one is denied what one wants and gets what one deserves for tolerating the elephant of Zionism in their room.

ian says:
This information…

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