Theresa May U-turns on promise to rehouse Grenfell Tower residents in local area


The other side of the Grenfell Tower argument – putting aside for a minute the insane idea to put flammable cladding on a building – cladding which is banned in Australia, Dubai & Germany ……..  It’s back to the fact that there are already 80 Million in the UK and we are still not controlling the immigration or dealing with BREXIT – Good Lord Theresa!

Care for the UK
If immigrants to the UK did not demand to be housed in London (where a lot of indigenous people would like to live but cannot afford to), there would be no need for these high-rise buildings. London is unable to cope with the influx of immigrants and the additional infrastructure needed to support them. There are many native born people who are homeless, but immigrants waltz into the UK and demand to be housed and not anywhere in the UK…

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