People Who Eat 1 Pear a Day are 35% Less Likely to be Obese 


Source: Natural Societyby Julie Fidler

There’s nothing better than a health regimen that tastes great, so here’s one almost all of us can get on board with. Researchers have found that those who eat a pear a day are more likely to maintain a healthy body weight when compared to their non-pear-eating conterparts.

In a one study, scientists from Louisiana State University used 9 years of data collected by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey involving 24,808 participants aged 19 and above, and found that people who ate pears were 35% less likely to be obese than individuals who did not consume pears regularly.

The study abstract concludes with:

“Consumers had a higher percentage population meeting the EAR for vitamins A and C, copper, and magnesium; consumers had a higher percentage above the AI for fiber (p<0.01). HEI-2010 [Healthy Eating Index-2010] was higher in consumers…Compared to non-consumers, consumers…

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