How To Feed 60 People In The Rain

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

barbecue, food, work humor, boosting morale, humor, Modern PhilosopherAfter a long, hot, sweaty week, Mother Nature decided to soak Maine today, Modern Philosophers.

As luck would have it, this rainy Friday was the day we’d set aside for an office barbecue.

The second I arrived at work, I was bombarded with questions as to whether the grilling would proceed as scheduled.  The Facilities Department had even called and emailed me to see if I still needed the special grill I’d requested for today.

What the hell, people?

If we’ve planned a barbecue, we’re having a barbecue!  Because, you know, nothing does wonders for office morale like canceling the feeding frenzy everyone’s been looking forward to all week simply because the chefs are afraid to get wet.

I ain’t no witch.  The rain ain’t gonna melt me!

I just need a hat and a jacket, and I’ll be fine.  As long as the flames are high and the food…

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