HONEY found to reduce arterial plaque by an astonishing 30%… could it prevent heart attacks? 


Source: Natural Newsby Vicki Batts

Could honey be a natural way to prevent heart disease? That may just be the case. New research has found that a natural sugar found in honey, known as trehalose, can help to reduce the presence of arterial plaque by up to 30 percent. This natural sugar is also found in some other foods, such as mushrooms, lobsters and shrimp. So if you don’t like honey, there may be some other options for you.

The only caveat is that in order to obtain trehalose’s miraculous benefit, you may have to inject the sugar directly into your veins. But, some would say it’s still a better option than Big Pharma’s concoctions. While honey injections may not be for the faint of heart, the finding was still quite promising.

The researchers from Washington University found that trehalose activates a protein that causes immune cells…

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