Grenfell Tower fire: Italian couple called parents from 23rd storey flat as they watched flames rise towards them


Lots of flats were bought under Right to buy. They were subsequently bought by BTL landlords and property companies (only they could afford the unknown cost of any future improvement works which is shared out amongst owners).

There were a number of private flats in that tower block and flats in it were advertised in Rightmove in April this year at a figure between £400/500 per week – (up to £25,000 a year).

Please think carefully before making a comment.

Breaking news From the Guardian

“Omnis Exteriors asked to supply cladding £2 cheaper a square metre than fire-resistant type, investigation finds”

Who asked Omnis to do that ?

Who needs a 6 month enquiry? – Who asked Omnis to do that?

The buck stops with the government, they sign off on everything. I pay my taxes to make sure they do a proper job. In our…

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