Republican response to shooting: Mor gunz, mor bulletz


Don Trump has sucked greedily from the NRA money teat.

If House Republicans get their way after a disgruntled man with an assault rifle fired at them as they practiced baseball on a Virginia diamond, gun laws will be further loosened. Their support for unfettered access to military-styled weapons with high-capacity magazines is a matter of record, and so is their blood money from the National Rifle Association.

Blame began quickly, with pious Rep. Steve King driving to the field of screams “to pray.” King, who has accepted $11,500 in NRA blood money, soon turned prayer time into a media moment as he raved about a divided nation and blamed the Liberal Left — angry, according to King, because they lost the election to Don Trump. The shooter, 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson, was a Bernie Sanders supporter from Illinois, and he was killed by United States Capitol Police officers who provided…

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