Effective Community Oriented Policing

Improving Police

“The time is right to fit the needs of our employees together with the needs of our communities and forge a new alliance -community-oriented policing. It is a heavy responsibility — will we accept it? Once accepted will we have the character and commitment to see it through?”

I need to put into the discussion-mix today a couple of “ancient” articles. Yesterday’s post came from the April, 1987 IACP “Police Chief” magazine article on quality leadership. Today’s post is the followup article which ran four years later which tied our earlier leadership efforts to effective community-oriented policing.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNITY ORIENTED POLICING: Vision, Leadership, and the Problem-Solving Method

Chief of Police David C. Couper, and Sgt. Sabine Lobitz

May, 1991

In April, 1988, “The Police Chief” magazine published our article, “Quality Leadership: The First Step toward Quality Policing”. In this article, we reviewed what is happening to our nation’s businesses and…

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