Are we great again yet? Clearly, Trump doesn’t think so


Melania and young master Barron finally arrive at the White House. Oh my god, Melania, your bare arms are showing!

During his occupation of the White House and Oval Office and even on the campaign circuit, clown-in-residence Don Trump has never uttered one single positive sentence about our nation. Not one. Obscene.

He’s praised Australia’s health care system as better than ours/his. He obviously loves and embraces one of our most avowed enemies, Russia, and its murdering leader, Vladimir “Pootie” Putin. He admires Saudi Arabia — a nation that beheads citizens publicly and gives women few rights — so he agreed to sell them $110 billion worth of military weapons.

Furthermore, he has embraced virtually every single despot, worldwide. Only Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is kind of on his bad-assed list. Don, you may remember, ordered Assad’s country rocketed, while having “beautiful chocolate cake” with the leader of China in Florida.

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