Renewable Power Australia – Why Prime Minister Turnbull’s Green Plan Is Destroying The Liberals

PA Pundits - International

By Andrew Bolt ~

Here in Australia, the Turnbull Government is destroying itself by touting the Finkel report with its renewable energy target of a ludicrous 42 per cent. The Liberal party room must water it down – if not block it.

Turnbull will then fight Labor with a compromise on his own green beliefs. He will fight having already conceded the argument to Labor.

The Left will jeer him as a man of no conviction. Conservatives will not trust him either.

And the Liberals will have nothing to fight for except a plan that is actually Labor’s agenda, with Turnbull merely promising to deliver it better.

No convictions, no guts, no hope of true reform. And an electricity system that will crumble.

On so many levels – economics, politics, science – Turnbull’s promotion of this Finkel report is a disaster.

His authority is now being broken all over again

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