Quality Leadership: The First Step Towards Quality Policing

Improving Police

“This style of leadership will assure the achievement of quality police services, a more community-oriented policing style and the use of new approaches to problem-solving, because it sets an organizational culture that permits not only movement to these new concepts in policing, but gives us the ability and flexibility to move beyond them.”

I need to put into the discussion-mix today a couple of “ancient” articles. Today’s comes from the April, 1987 IACP “Police Chief” magazine article on quality leadership. My next post contains the IACP article my wife and I wrote four years later which ties our earlier efforts to effective community-oriented policing.

QUALITY LEADERSHIP: The First Step Towards Quality Policing

Chief David Couper and Sgt. Sabine Lobitz

There is something exciting happening in policing today.  It is the same kind of energy that some of us felt as a young patrol officers in the middle sixties.  That energy…

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