Election 2017: The 35-44 year olds


.. Every country needs a sort of catharsis, from time to time.. to atone for their sins.
The UK has sinned a lot, recently…
The establishment treats its own country like a colony…
.. on the international arena, together with the American hegemon, forces other countries to vassalage..
.. and the nation, as a whole, wasn’t even interested in stopping these rogue and corrupted “elite”.. Usually, more than 50% of eligible electorate didn’t vote..
Until now… but it is not enough.. and we have to suffer a bit, before we will get an absolution..

peter john
The real problem the tories have as a party they stink and individually many of them do also.
Something May should work on if she is capable which I doubt.

I would also say that this (my) age group also shows no party loyalty, which is a good thing for democracy…

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