Does Comey fight like a girl?


— R.J. Matson Copyright 2017 Cagle Cartoons

Of all the incredulous reasons why we should not believe former FBI director James Comey’s testimony that Donald Trump tried bigly to influence him to drop an investigation over Russian election tampering, my favorite is that he’s really a woman and/or his “feminine side” prevented him from saying no to the president.

Radio host Laura Ingraham said Comey “is a drama queen” and “men should not write like this.” Fox News host Charles Payne said Comey is “a lot more emotional than you would think the head of the FBI should be . . . and vindictive, too.” Donald Trump Jr. claimed Comey should have been a “stronger guy.” CNN contributor Amy Holmes said Comey “sounds like a 13-year-old girl.” Fox’s Greg Gutfield said “Comey is like a pearl-clutching senior who’s upset about the short skirts.” And Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski…

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