”From Cool Britannia To Poor Britannia”


Was die Wahl in Großbritannien für den Breit bedeutet


Ian says:
I voted for Brexit, I didn’t however expect it to go ahead. I see Europe as being a stepping stone to a world government. I also see the deliberate flooding of all EU states with African and Middle Eastern men as a part of the Kalergi plan. The white European races have constantly been a stumbling block for tptwtb in their quest for a Jewish world control system. Barbara Lerner Spectre admits it on utube. All the chaos and talking to the DUP could all be a stalling tactic, as I don’t think we’ll be coming out. They’re all making out as if ‘‘Terry” is making all the decisions, for me, she is just the patsy, a repulsive one at that, but just a patsy for the players behind the scenes.

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