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Anonymous 9 June 2017
The Election was all about sabotaging Brexit. Best the Tories could come up with was free hospital parking?! Do me a favour.

Hell Jay 9 June 2017

Anonymous 10 June 2017
It was always obvious the Tories under the weak and unpleasant May did not have a 20% lead over Corbyn’s Labour. The key questions are: a) Why were the pollsters giving a false sense of public opinion? b) Who advised May to call an election based on these polls?

My sense is that this was a con trick that went wrong, where the media would present May as the unassailable next Thatcher, and portray anyone who disagreed as a minority of ‘losers’ and ‘terrorist sympathisers’. In fact all it did was create a band of ‘shy Labour’ voters and alienated many people who might have thought of voting Tory.
Clearly the truth was…

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