As London Police Chief Bizarrely Celebrates Diversity Of Victims, AP Hides Non-Diversity Of Terrorists

PA Pundits - International

By Tom Blumer ~

In remarks so bizarre and out of touch that satirists at outlets like The Onion would have rejected them if someone had suggested their inclusion in a made-up story, London’s police chief has described the diversity of the city’s London Bridge terror attack victims and witnesses interviewed as positive things.

Gregory Katz at the Associated Press did his part to play along with the charade by failing to identify the lack of diversity among those who carried out the attack.

“Diversity” has apparently become so obsessively important that the need to comment on it in a positive fashion at every turn has clearly overwhelmed basic common sense.

Here are the first six paragraphs from Katz’s Saturday morning report (bolds are mine throughout this post):

London police chief: Attack victims show city’s diversity

The commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police says the nationalities of the eight victims in…

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