38 years of terror and we never had a pop concert #manchesterarena #londonbridge



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38 years of terror and we never had a pop concert #manchesterarena#londonbridge

Copied from a friend’s wall
38 years of Bombings, shootings, Executions and Terrorist activity (never once got a pop concert!). Unless you know the facts of the conflict in NI and lived through it – you know fuck all about living in Terror!
Here’s some facts to ponder when signing your pathetic excuse of a Petition to get Thursdays Election result nullified…
1. The Provisional IRA were responsible for 91% of ALL Terrorist activity between 1969 – 2017
2. The Royal Ulster Constabulary GC was disbanded as a Sinn Fein Demand despite being responsible for only 56 deaths during the entire period of the conflict
3. The IRA was responsible for killing 1907 people during the conflict period (more than 61% of the total number killed)
4. The IRA…

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