The Opioid Crisis, Explained


Source: The Opioid Crisis, Explained – The Daily Reckoning


On June 5, TheNew York Times ran a short piece that put the opioid abuse crisis in perspective.

Gun deaths per year in America peaked in 1993, just shy of 40,000. HIV deaths peaked in 1995, around 45,000. And car accident deaths per year peaked in 1972, around 55,000.

Last year in America, 59,000–65,000 people died from drug overdoses.

Yes, that’s correct. Last year more Americans died from drug overdoses than have EVER died in a single year from gun violence, HIV or car accidents.

As recently as 2005, drug overdose deaths were HALF what they are today.

Opioid addiction is the leading driver of this horrific rise in overdose deaths.

The Times article even said, “Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death among Americans under 50.” Think about that for a second.


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