Northern Ireland’s DUP Says Still to Reach Final Agreement to Support UK PM May’s Government — Is Theresa May “In Office, But Not In Power”?

Peace and Freedom

LONDON — Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party said on Sunday it had held positive talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives about supporting its minority government but an agreement was yet to be reached.

On Saturday, May’s office said the DUP had come to an “outline agreement” with the Conservatives, who failed to win a majority in the British parliamentary election on Thursday.

“The talks so far have been positive,” it said in a statement. “Discussions will continue next week to work on the details and to reach agreement on arrangements for the new parliament.”

(Reporting by Amanda Ferguson, Writing by Kylie MacLellan; Editing by Conor Humphries)

Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain with her husband, Philip, on Friday after asking the queen’s permission to form a minority government.Credit Eddie Keogh/Reuters

Is Theresa May “In Office, But Not In Power”?

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