“Hard to be a God” (2013) film review – 3/5 or 4/5 or…? 😥😷

Immanuel Joseph's Blog

I watched the entire movie, or did I?

What’s the use of paying attention to nothing?

My take is more of a Christology/Anthropology – it’s hard to be human/messiah. In short, it’s hard to be ME 😈

Incarnation is crucifixion is resurrection is salvation! What the fuck?? No, this can’t be! It must not be! There must be something more……….

After the movie, I watched a raw full chicken being mounted on a grill, & a woman squirting in her orgasm…… So, is this Earth or Arkanar?

Is it possible to rate an experience (like a movie) highly even if you hated going through it? Yes, but only if you believed that you gained something (spiritual/moral/intellectual) out of it…

I enjoyed reading/watching all those reviews (around 10!) even more than the film itself! So, does that mean that it was good (or even a great), then?? The film would have…

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