Telegraph: How long will she last? Part iii


Peter Bering 9 Jun 2017
It has long been obvious that May was surrounded and hired by the EU in order to wreck Brexit. She has made inexplicable and HUGE gaffes, and ignored the massive external efforts to register specifically young socialist and liberal voters in marginal constituencies right under her gaze.She is as false a flag as one can have without violence. I do not believe that she can be as stupid as she comes across. Rather, comprehensively untrustworthy and a traitor.

Jonathan Bywater 9 Jun 2017
Well we should not be surprised. May’s campaign was arguably even worse than Hilary Clintons while Jeremy Corbyn proved to be an old fashioned and quite effective campaigner. When you consider the ball and chain of Diane Abbot that he had to contend with that, it is a remarkable achievement.

Alex somewhere in Europe 9 Jun 2017
@Nathan Lett


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