Senior Conservatives are refusing to appear on BBC TV, says David Dimbleby


Where Are They? – Part i

Boris Coward Johnson, David Coward Davis, Sir Michael Coward-de-Custard Fallon, where are you honourable gentleman? Come face the music you lying sons of b****s

Come out come out wherever you are. Hiding like frightened door mice and the next tory leader will probably be one of them. If they can’t handle things when the going gets tough then none of them are fit for any position of real authority and power.

Where is that dirty lying Fallon .

May decided to announce, knowing it would affect core Tory votes, that the Conservatives were planning to refuse funding NHS care home facilities for elderly homeowners – those who worked hard throughout their lives – doing the right thing and paying many, many thousands in tax.

During her audience debate, Remainer May and her EU Remainer Chancellor, Philip Hammond, threw leave…

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