Almost 13 million voters backed Labour – barely 600,000 fewer than Tony Blair’s 1997 landslide.

ukgovernmentwatch Conservatives_complete_clean_sweep_in_south_west_Herts but_Labour_make_clear_gains/

”And big guns including Nick Clegg, Alex Salmond and rising Tory ministerial star Ben Gummer were humiliated as they lost their seats.”

”Mrs May retained the Maidenhead seat with a majority of 26,457, down from the 2015 general election in which she secured a 29,059 majority.”  Corbyn now has a majority of 34,000.

Boris Johnson’s majority has been halved in Uxbridge.  Mike Robinson @UKC will take some satisfaction in that one supposes.  So all that talk of Amber Rudd being the next ToriCon Leader can be scotched as she only has a marginal majority of some 346 votes.

me no like @ Daily Express
Pr1ck Clegg,4nus Robertson and Ar5el1cks Salmond all gone.
Half a result I suppose.  Would have been better if Minor F4rt had gone too.

NLAT: Labour GAIN Canterbury from the Tories. This has been a Tory safe seat since 1918.

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