Will Israel Secret Intel Services influence the UK election? Only with the help of massive vote rigging.


posted by Gordon

Niall Bradley
Wed, 07 Jun 2017

”Ever since Jeremy Corbyn won his leadership challenge last year (which was actually an attempted coup organized by former leader Blair and the British establishment) by more votes than in his first Labour Party leadership contest victory in 2015, I’ve thought that if May called a snap election, he’d win it. The wind of change is with him, no doubt about it. Forget the polls; Corbyn is drawing larger crowds than Blair did 20 years ago, and that monster’s ‘New’ Labour party won the ’97 election by a landslide. Theresa May, meanwhile, shrank from public sight in recent weeks, refusing even to participate in TV debates, while hardly anyone showed up at her campaign rallies.

A ‘populist’ Corbyn victory for an ‘Old’ Labour party in the UK would be the latest in a series of political earthquakes across the West…

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