White Paper on The Key Role of Human Geography, Culture and Language in Effective Communication

To Inform is to Influence

White Paper onThe Key Role of Human Geography, Culture and Language in EffectiveCommunication

Approved for Public Release

“Information” continues to demonstrate the vital and preeminent role it plays in enabling all of our sources of national power. From a military perspective, it must be adequately utilized and capitalized on to succeed in shaping the cognitive/human domain (the ultimate goal of all military activities). Effective communications, which is an essential aspect of understanding and engaging the cognitive domain, is often made up of narratives in foreign languages that are written and spoken by individuals and groups from other cultures. If we are going to understand these narratives and the history, values, beliefs, behavior patterns and context they provide, we must examine communications from the perspective of ‘theother’.

The Joint Staff J-39 Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) office provides perspectives from academic, operational, and international field…

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