Twitter Chats 101–What are they? How do you participate? And why?

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I was chatting with efriend, Glynis Jolly, over at A Scripted Maze, about social media. Specifically Twitter Chats. I’ve been using Twitter Chats as a cornerstone of my professional development and learning network for a few years, but I still remember the first one I joined — that feeling of worry, trepidation, shyness, as I reached out to join a group of individuals who I was sure knew each other intimately. It was like going to a party alone, knowing no one and believing they all were BFFs.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. Twitter Chats (sometimes called Tweet Chats) are a group of strangers brought together online by a common interest in a topic. Often, there will be a core of people who know each other (usually in the virtual world, but not the physical one) that provide energy and structure. The purpose is to share ideas…

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