General election polls: How they’ve changed during the 2017 campaign


SDSGDF – > Ge0rg1

ECB and FED pr1nt illegally money to channel to stock markets, but that will devalue their currencies nearly immediately.

S1m1lar to quant1tat1ve eas1ng, 1llegal pr1nt1ng w1ll be d1scounted and actually reduce share pr1ces now due to expected d1sturbances 1n future. Let alone that these monies may be h1dden from publ1c now and never returned by 1ntermed1ar1es that causes the r1sky behav1or by them on the f1nanc1al markets. There 1s r1sk usa to follow europe 1n avalanche effect due to returned currency reserves that decl1ne the dollar pr1ce further sharp. Pr1nted money, and returned currency reserves w1ll also create 1nflat1on 1n usa very l1kely as unemployment 1s already below na1ru. Europe 1s 1n currency cr1s1s due to decl1ne of euro, pound also 1s 1n currency cr1s1s, dollar also may be 1n currency cr1s1s w1th strong avalanche effect of returned reserves. 1nflat1on 1n usa w1ll cause d1sturbances…

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