Did Martin Hakan Hett Die At Manchester Or Elsewhere Or Is He Still Alive?


Posted by Tapestry

”Here are Martyn’s parents on camera a day or two after their son’s supposed death – seemingly not bothered at all, armed with props to look cute for the camera. You decide. Was he really dead? Here is Peekay’s video. He swears a lot, by the way. It’s just his style of talking. I feel that no mother could talk about a dead son in such a way so soonafter his death. That’s my take, anyway for what it’s worth. It’s all quite a puzzle, to be honest.”

Manchester Grieving Parents – Sadly People Swallow This


”Martyn Hett most certainly was alive (and maybe still is alive), if the opinions of my friends are correct. I never met him, or heard of his existence prior to Manchester. His Facebook page is not very full of anything real.”



GW: Mr Hakan Hett was/is 29…

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