Checklists and Peer Intervention

Improving Police

“[Dr. Pronovost] and his team persuaded the hospital administration to authorize nurses to stop doctors if they saw them skipping a step on the checklist… The new rule made it clear: if doctors didn’t follow every step on the checklist, the nurses would have backup from the administration to intervene… In this one hospital, the checklist had prevented forty-three infections and eight deaths, and saved two million dollars in costs…” Dr. Atul Gwande

CHECKLISTS have been instrumental in improving both the safety of airplanes and in-hospital patients. Last week, I posted a piece on Sgt. Mike Quinn’s work with police in developing a system of “peer intervention.” One of the great successes of reducing infections in hospitals (especially in the placing of central lines, has been through use of a checklist and hospital administrations giving nurses the authority to intervene if the checklist was not being followed

Each year in…

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