Asian Markets Exhibit Uneasiness Ahead of Britain’s Election, Trump Troubles, Uncertainty — Traders backed off a little overnight

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© POOL/AFP | British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives have seen their poll ratings shrink ahead of Thursday’s election, fuelling fears of political uncertainty

HONG KONG (AFP) – Traders trod water in Asia on Wednesday as they nervously await a string of major events that could hammer global markets or fuel a rally.Thursday sees Britain voting in general election, the European Central Bank’s policy meeting and — in what could be the biggest market-mover — sacked FBI boss James Comey’s testimony on President Donald Trump’s campaign links to Russia.

Adding to the sense of unease is a brewing crisis in the Middle East, where Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt cut off ties and transport links to Qatar citing its support for extremism.

There are worries the spat could turn into a wider conflict that takes in Qatar ally Iran, with Trump wading into the row in a series of…

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