Welcome to the Jungle


welcome-to-the-jungleWelcome to the Jungle was a hit song written by Guns N’ Roses on their album, Appetite for Destruction. As I drive to Frogg’s, my favorite coffee place, it is playing on the radio. I love listening to this song. Thirty years after its release, it is still very relevant. Axl Rose sings, and he mocks our personal everyday world – our jungle. And, yes, for me, writing is like this recording. It is cathartic and expressive. Perhaps, Axl is an alpha male or perhaps the band itself is all about conflict. Perhaps, not all of it is particularly socially appropriate. But, the point is, the song is blatant. Life is not necessarily pretty.

In a way, I enjoy conflict, and the jungle provides that clash. It conjures up an environment of conflict and a place where you may be the hunter or the hunted. If you are hunted…

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