Trump, Mayor and the London Bridge psyop

Rehmat's World

On Sunday, US president Donald Trump couldn’t control his hatred toward Muslims and Islam at the latest false flag at the London Bridge and Borough Market.

Early on Sunday, Donald Trump took to Twitter to hit Sadiq Khan, the pro-Israel Muslim Mayor of London for his call for calm.

At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’” said Trump in one of his tweets after the attack.

Mayor’s spokesperson responded: “Mayor has more important things to do than respond to Donald Trump’s ill-informed tweet that deliberately takes out of context his remarks urging Londoners not to be alarmed when they saw more police – including armed officers – on the streets.”

On Monday, Sadiq Khan called on the British government to cancel a planned state visit by Donald Trump after their tweet…

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