Police Applicants: Questions YOU Need to Ask!

Improving Police

img_0527Police agencies are eagerly seeking applicants. They need applicants. Therefore, this is a good time to raise the important questions YOU, as an applicant, need to ask during the interview process and before you accept the appointment. It’s not just about whether or not they need YOU, it’s also about whether you need THEM. You need to ask yourself, “Is this the kind of police agency in which I wish to work?”

  1. Is this an agency where I will experience personal growth? How will that happen?
  2. How do you reward performance and initiative?
  3. What is your agency’s driving values and vision?
  4. What kinds of networking goes on here?
  5. What incentives will I have to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  6. What are your policies on maternity and paternity leave? Do you provide employee daycare?
  7. How successful have women and people of color been in your agency? Please give me some examples.
  8. Is this…

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