London Bridge attack: Witnesses report unarmed police were running away

Fellowship of the Minds

police running away

Who even has unarmed police? Oh that’s right, the UK.

These unarmed police who were seen fleeing are known as “community police.” According to Wikipedia, “due to the non-confrontational nature of their role police community support officers (PCSOs) are not normally issued with batons, incapacitant spray, handcuffs or leg restraints. “ In other words, they carry NOTHING to deter criminals.

Also, “PCSOs may, subject to permission from their force, carry handcuffs and leg restraints which are both governed by the Criminal Law Act 1967 or common law and can be used in the same manner as a constable. They may use them for detaining or arresting a person using reasonable force under the powers listed. There are three forces at present whose PCSOs are currently carrying handcuffs (BTP, Dyfed-Powys Police & North Wales Police). PCSOs are also lawfully authorised to carry CS spray and a baton when on…

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