Understanding Brits – A Post-Political Analysis

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May 19, 2017  /  Gilad Atzmon

The current election has made understanding Brits pretty easy.

Yesterday The Daily Telegraph published some statistics that suggest that Brits are just ordinary people, not much different from the Americans or the French – they are born communists but die hard-core conservatives.

The above data suggest that British youngsters overwhelmingly supportCorbyn’s dream. But this changes once they hit political puberty which is apparently around the age of 25. Adults seem to run away from Labour and Corbyn.

Why are the Tories leading with each age group over 25?

While youngsters are happy to share other people’s possessions, grownups are reluctant to share the little they have. People become more greedy and possessive of what they have managed to accumulate, however small, as they get older. This tendency is not a ‘British’symptom, it is actually embedded in the human condition.

There is also another reason…

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