When the kind parent is the targeted scapegoat

Parental Alienation

Kids of people with ASPD typically grow up watching that parent enact the worst forms of social abuse on the opposite parent as well as see them for what they are — moral criminals who do nothing but use, abuse, and destroy any person or social group that comes in their path. Such people are those with a criminal past, a long history of traffic violations rooted in a reckless disregard for both the law and others on the road, and have a history of rolling in the proverbial shit while coming up smelling like roses.

Calculating, cold, guilt-free, and without conscience, a parent with Anti-Social personality traits tend to want to surround themselves with a friend and family circle of people who are weaker than themselves but just like them. Ultimately, their personality types can simply be described as pack animals, meaning they expect to be treated like royalty…

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