From Baby Boom to Grandparent Boom

Life in the Boomer Lane

Something happened to boomers when they were too busy running marathons, taking spin classes, and becoming master gardeners to notice: They turned into grandparents. Some astute readers may now be wondering what happened to boomers becoming parents first?  Doesn’t one have to occur before the other?

The truth is that, while one event normally does occur before the other, the experience of such events sometimes does not. Most boomers will tell you that parenting often occurs in a blur, resulting in often having limited or no memory of the experience. Life in the Boomer Lane, herself, can vividly recall every second of every labor and delivery she experienced. Aside from that, the clearest memory of decades as a mother to babies, toddlers, pre-school and school-age children is that of stepping on tiny Lego pieces in her bare feet on an almost daily basis.

LBL, having survived this phase of motherhood…

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